When radio morning man Lee Garrett receives a death threat he shrugs it off as a prank, until harassment turns into outright attempts on his life. Then the deadliest attack yet claims an innocent victim and Garret knows he must force a confrontation with his persecutors.

"A gripping, insightful debut from a veteran radio personality and gifted wordsmith."

— Sean Costello, Author of Here After


Scott Overton has been a radio broadcaster for more than thirty years—twenty-six of them as a morning show host. He knows the world he writes about in the mystery/thriller Dead Air.

"Scott Overton is a storyteller of boundless skill. Dead Air first intrigues readers by drawing them into a side of radio broadcasting most people have never seen, which is interesting enough, but then begins to craftily unravel an intriguing and suspenseful set of circumstances, further drawing readers in and holding them, breathless, to the last page. Overton is a writer to watch."

— Mark Leslie, Author of I, Death and Haunted Hamilton