Although I consider myself a science fiction author, my first published novel was a mystery/thriller called Dead Air, the story of a radio morning man who discovers that someone is out to kill him. Well, I’ve now published it as a complete audiobook and you can win a free copy! See the details below.

I was a radio broadcaster myself for more than thirty years, most of them as a morning show host like my character Lee Garrett in Dead Air (except I’m a nicer person with a much happier life!) So I was drawn to create a story about the vulnerability of radio personalities, while giving readers an insider’s look at the broadcasting business. Most of us listen to the radio every day—how much do we know about what really goes on behind that microphone? Dead Air answers that, as well as offering a gripping story of an ordinary man faced with an extraordinary struggle. What would you do if you learned that someone wanted you dead?

You can read more about the plot of Dead Air here.

Though the novel has been available in print and e-book formats for a few years, I decided to help it find a new audience among book listeners. As a career broadcaster, it made sense for me to narrate the book myself, so I produced it first as a free podcast which is still available through iTunes and directly from my web page. Now the unabridged Dead Air audiobook is available through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes (under Audiobooks/Mystery/Scott Overton). Even before launching it, I’ve been getting great comments from those who’ve found the audiobook by accident.

The audiobook isn’t free, but it can be for you! Beginning today, and for the first two weeks of September only, I’m holding a draw to give away ten free copies of the Dead Air audiobook. All you have to do to enter is to sign up for my mailing list using the form on my home page before September 15, 2016. Don’t worry—I won’t spam you. I keep all email addresses confidential and I only use them to send out news about my writing and such when there is news. After September 15, I’ll contact winners individually with the code for your free audiobook.

If you love audiobooks, if you love mysteries with lots of action, if you love very human stories…well, you get the idea. The Dead Air audiobook is for you. Enter now and best of luck!