My collection of disaster stories is now FREE. Let’s admit it, there’s a guilty pleasure in imagining how civilization could end!

An invasion from beneath our feet. A hammer blow from the sky. A genetic crop modification that could bring about humanity’s extinction.

Not only will it cost you nothing at my bookstore here and here and all other major ebook outlets, but the ebook also contains a link to another collection of my short fiction.

Tartarus Rising: The most critical business centres of the world are suddenly swallowed into the ground, a chemical explosion devastates New Jersey, and survivors flee the rumours of invaders from beneath the Earth. (First published in the anthology "Doomology" from Library of Science Fiction & Fantasy Press, 2010).
Saviour: A killer asteroid is headed for the Earth and the defence against it depends on one man. But what if he’s the wrong choice?
The Cleansing: The people of a far-future pastoral Earth discover that their forbears genetically modified their crops to be protected from mutations by occasional die-offs. Except no-one has a plan when all of the crops start to die at the same time.

Three short stories with a total word count of about 16,000.

So I hope you'll enjoy my gift of some great summer reading!