Through a new arrangement with my publisher, I’ve now been able to make my novel Dead Air available as an ebook on more platforms. As of now, Dead Air is available in paperback and Kindle at Amazon (or your local Amazon outlet), as well as in epub format through Kobo and Barnes & Noble. It should soon appear in the Apple iBooks store, too. I hope this will make the book more accessible for those of you who’ve been coming to my web page all these months.

You can read the detailed blurb about Dead Air at its dedicated page here.

I’m a career radio broadcaster and I’ve hosted a morning show for nearly thirty years. It struck me that radio personalities are small ‘c’ celebrities—people feel they know us, and it’s a personal relationship to them. The dark side is that we, like other celebrities, are vulnerable. Hence the novel Dead Air, a story about a morning show host who finds his life threatened by persons unknown, and must find his own way to survive another day. It’s a mystery thriller, but it’s also an earnest attempt to get inside the head of an average man faced with an unthinkable circumstance.

Response to the print book has been great (there’s a sampling of reviews on Amazon), with most readers complaining that I’ve kept them up way too late into the early hours of the morning, a complaint I’ll gladly accept.

Although Dead Air isn’t science fiction I hope you’ll check it out. It’ll give you a rare glimpse into the world of professional radio from an insider, and a read I think you’ll remember for a long time to come.