If you’ve been coming to this page regularly but haven’t read my mystery/thriller novel Dead Air yet you can learn all about it here.

If you have read it, I could really use your help in the form of a review of the book at Amazon. So here’s a special time-limited offer: If you post a review of Dead Air at Amazon.com before November 18, 2013 send me an email and I’ll give you the link to a free sampler of my work. The ebook sampler includes two of my best published stories plus a sneak preview of my next novel, a techno-thriller called The Primus Labyrinth.

I’m not hoping to bribe you into giving a good review. I want honest reviews—online shoppers can smell a fake—so write what you really thought. But please do the review. It could really help shorten the time until you can have my next novel in your hands.