Body Of Opinion and other stories - Kindle Version

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Body Of Opinion and other stories - Kindle Version


If you like to take an occasional ride on the dark side of science fiction consider these:

The ability to walk through walls is not a gift, but a curse.

A future when a criminal on probation doesn’t even dare think of committing a crime.

A replacement body could be a godsend to a dying man. Unless the body has an agenda of its own.

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Body of Opinion and other stories

No Walls: When a man discovers that he has the ability to pass through walls, he thinks it’s more of a curse than a gift, only useful for petty crime. Until a secret intelligence organization gets its hooks into him. Then his real troubles begin. (First published in “Neo-opsis” Issue #18, 2009).

Lockdown: In a future society, criminals on parole don’t even dare to think about committing a crime or their bodies could go into complete lockdown. So how does a guy get revenge on those who’ve wronged him?

Body of Opinion: For a dying man, a replacement body is a godsend. Unless the body turns out to be a used model with some serious glitches, and the only solution is to discover what happened to its first owner.


Three short stories with a total word count of about 10,000.